Towards lasting social transformation


Towards lasting social transformation

NAR Foundation, our social responsibility arm, is focused on alleviating concerns around education, healthcare and employability among the disenfranchised. The Foundation, steered exclusively by the vigour of Mrs. N. Parvathi Reddy, stands for ushering impact at scale across geographies and communities. This can be made possible when like-minded organisations and policymakers work together. We are overwhelmed with the support we have received from students, volunteers, professionals and non-profits so far and are moving towards a more equitable India.


Supporting artists and art entrepreneurs

We organised an event to honour the artistic spirit of South India and ensure that budding artists are appreciated, supported and encouraged. We invited art students to interact with iconic South Indian artists, such as Mr. Ravinder Reddy, Mr. Suryaprakash, Mr. Thota Vaikuntam, Mr. Lakshma Goud and Mr. DLN. They were given scholarships under NAR Foundation to pursue higher education in art. Mrs. N. Parvathi Reddy spearheads such initiatives and has a deep contribution to furthering the passion of such enthusiasts.

Food and essentials supply

We envision a world where no one goes to bed hungry. We are working towards this goal with vigour, hoping to scale our efforts and reach more people along the way. Our aim is to be there for the people in and around our areas of operation. During times of social emergency such as the pandemic,
we have worked concertedly to disseminate food
and essentials to people around our
immediate ecosystem.

Rainwater harvesting programme

Our focus is also on rehabilitating, building, and maintaining local water sources in tandem with the pressing need for sustainability in rural India. We helped build deep water filtration pits of multiple sizes and dimensions, using different techniques based on the requirements and resources of each place. The project was strengthened by an educational campaign on the basics of rainwater harvesting, the infrastructure required to harvest at a large-scale and its socio-economic benefits.

Unwavering safety focus

We prioritise safe execution of every assignment and have put in place globally benchmarked safety systems and tools for our contract workforce and on-site personnel.

With our objective of an accident-free workplace, we have foolproof management framework and emergency protocols that ensure safety for all. We operate in compliance with industry standards and have activated insurance, protection policies and improvement plans across our segments of operation.